Quality is what that matters

Phones are good if they can perform and render good services to the user. It is always a good thing to consider to cut prices, especially during economic trials. We “SOUM” charges are very low and this gives everyone an opportunity to buy a better phone at a cheap price. Firstly, everyone should know that the old phone is not always bad. It depends on the dealer who is selling it. Here, when you buy a used phone literally you cant make out no difference between a new phone and the old one. Moreover, the cost will be cheaper too. We make sure that the consistency and the value in terms of performance are maintained.

Consider depreciation

All gadgets get older with a period of time. And obviously, when a commodity gets older, its price in the market reduces. In fact, depreciation in value of the phone begins the moment that the phone has been taken from the shop. So, why to buy a new one when a well-maintained used phone is available for low cost.

Capture economic opportunities by buying used phones

Used phones are cheaper in comparison to new ones. There is no doubt in it. When an individual buys used phone, his/her budget doesn’t gets disturbed and can use the saved money else where. This is an opportunity to put money to good use instead of taking it to the expense of new phones that will still depreciate with time.

Get quality at fair prices

Quality is an all-time value when it comes to used mobile phones. Getting high-quality used phones is not an easy thing, but when you ring us we would get you the right product in right cost.


Increased safety measures during Covid-19

In light of the coronavirus pandemic and its worst impact on lives in the world and due to these situations life has turned into a drastic step but to start all over again we are taking all the safety measures required to protect ourselves. We as SOUM have started taking all the required measures to secure our consumers and give them hassle-free services so they can trust us and utilize all our services and will have no delays in regards to a mobile repair shop. The impact has increased on which there are safety measures which should be followed regularly to protect our customers and this is all we follow strictly on every store even through the process of delivery as well. The delivery agent will make sure to deliver with following the rules of social distancing and making it safe for all the users.

Measures to buy a phone

To make the measures successful as the store owner believes what is best for the users hence providing all the services to the users during this situation. So starting with all the new phone shop in Jaipur our provides all the latest collection and users just need to book a form and get their device when it becomes available for the selling purpose. For instance, the newly launched device which is not yet available in the market and the customer need to purchase so we make it available for them and deliver to them without causing any kind of inconvenience of buying those products and for that, we provide with the best services in every kind of making availability for which they have to be able to make more services for which you need to be able to help yourself for every precautionary service.

Deliver all the services

The measures which we take on our store is all the required sanitization of every place and for which all the thermal checkups are scheduled and if any of the employees is detected with any symptom then he will be on proper leave. These are some measures which take place on our stores to make sure the safety of our workers and customers as well. This is what the fact is considered to secure and resume the services which were paused due to some conditions. This creates an impact to be able to utilize the services of second-hand mobile in Jaipur. This service enables users to buy the cell phones irrespective of the budget and gives users an experience to be able to buy the phone with no hassle or high budget or anything else. Hence providing all the services of Jaipur ka mobile we provide every facility to get the screen repaired and phone repaired with all the utilization of devices and hence making them a part of the services which becomes a generation to cater all our services for which we are there to deliver good quality results.